Things I’d like to see #436

For the longest time, I desperately wanted to see a total solar eclipse. Eventually I did, albeit for a scant seven seconds — and in those seconds I came to realise that sometime, one day, I will chase after another eclipse in hope of a better view.

I’d like to see Cherenkov Radiation. Just because it exists.

And — perversely? — I’d like to see a nuclear bomb explosion.

A bit tricky, that last one. Perhaps I’ll have to settle for these astonishing pictures.

4 thoughts on “Things I’d like to see #436”

  1. I’ve always fancied standing on a glacier. Something about the fact that it is moving imperceptibly slowly, yet carving the landscape and scouring the ground beneath. That, and it is less dangerous than being near a nuclear explosion.

  2. Ooh, interesting, thanks Ewen.
    There are a couple of other WIki-type demonstration/experiment databases in the offing too, and I’m hoping we can roll them all together. The biggest problem is having the time to sort everything out, which is why is rather moribund at the moment.
    Efforts to secure funding to support this sort of project haven’t been successful so far, on the grounds that the target audience is ‘too niche.’ But at least SciCast is learning from past mistakes: all SciCast films are Creative Commons-licensed, rather deliberately so they can be republished in subsequent demonstration catalogues.

  3. Sorry Jonathan, it’s taken me this long to find your reply. I was looking on ScienceDemo but it seems to have fossilised and/or been overrun by Chinese spam. Not a deserved fate…
    drop me an e-mail on if there’s anything you’re up to where you need a hand. I’m no IT expert but I’d be happy to help curate and collect good resources.

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