I’d expected more of our gear to get trashed during SciCast workshops, but it seems old Sony DVCAMs are made of sterner stuff. One PD100 has a dodgy focus switch, the PD150 menu dial is skipping, and the tripods are a bit more dodgy than when they fell off that particular lorry, but everything’s basically intact. I’ve had cables fray on a couple of battery chargers and we’ve lost microphone clips: which leaves the main casualty as my headphones. Which got sat on.

Which is fine, really, because they were rubbish – Sennheiser 210s. Closed-back, which was occasionally useful for noise rejection, but they were uncomfortable to wear and their sound quality was pretty rubbish. It’s now very rubbish, in that there’s a knackered-connection crackle superimposed. Nice. Fixable, but only to return to ‘pretty rubbish,’ and did I mention they got sat on? Right.

They were £50. I’m also using £30 Sennheiser PX100 which are flimsy and have too short a cable, but sound great – however, I’d like another closed-back set to replace the 210s. I’m leaning towards the Sennheiser HD25SP at about £90 – they’re the cheapskate version of the already-bottom-of-the-range HD25 ENG headphones, but cheapskate sounds about right for the likes of me.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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