Neglecting you

I’m about to jump on a train to London, to go to a big shindig about children’s TV. Which is odd, because to my mind that should read ‘children’s media,’ and I suspect there’ll be hissing and booing if I say that out loud.

Hence, I was rather hoping to print out a bunch of recent OFCOM documents so I could snuggle up with a good PDF on the train. Sadly, my printer exploded about three months ago, and I’d completely forgotten because I’ve not needed it since.

That’s about it, really. See, you’re not missing much.

Oh – that last post was sent directly from my N95. I managed to convince it it’s a generic European handset, and hence have the software updates Orange have been denying me. Six months’-worth of updates. Result: it’s waaaaay happier. I still think the UI is a bag of spanners, but at least it actually does stuff now. Like, makes phone calls without (so far) crashing.

Mind you, saying an N95 is useful and productive is like saying that DOS was useful and productive. It’s technically true, but remembering which button is ‘quit’, and when, isn’t something that should be inflicted on end users.

[not quite sure why this post has a ‘continue reading’ link. There isn’t any more. Oh, how we long for MT4.1… coming soon to a download server near you…]

[oop! And now it doesn’t have such a link. Durr.]

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