…and we’re back

Christmas: done. New year: done. Meeting lots of family: done. Apologising to Flossie’s parents that dinner with them was the one family connection we didn’t manage to fit in: pending. Science teachers’ conference: done.

I’m back. Hope you all had a good one.

Every now and then I re-read my own blog, trying to work out what it’s for. It’s never going to be one of those sharply-focussed blogs that acquires a large, well-defined, and advertiser-friendly audience, but that’s never been the point of it anyway. I blog because I enjoy writing, and the restrictions of the format are interesting. The ideal blog post is an awkward length, and it’s a challenge to be correctly pithy.

So, my apologies to those of you for whom a third of this stuff is obscurely technical gibberish. My hope is that such an apology applies to basically everyone reading, but that the group of posts constituting the ‘third’ changes from individual to individual.

Musings aside: Chairman Gruber links to this delightful New York Times article on the joys of writing sans Microsoft Word. I only use Word for format conversions these days; I write mostly in TextMate, using Markdown.

In the unlikely event that I get around to writing the novel about my solution to the world’s energy problems, I might well do the legwork with Scrivener. We’ll see.

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  1. I enjoy your blog (and your posts to the mailing lists that I am on) even though I don’t understand lots of the technical gibberish. Whatever happened to your overly modern phone?

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