Bloody Omaha

Given how little TV I’m watching at the moment, I rather missed Richard Hammond fronting a Timewatch about Omaha Beach, and hence didn’t see this sequence:


Two observations:

  1. Damned impressive.
  2. You didn’t show all the post-production time, then?

I’m guessing that weeks of sitting in front of Maya, Shake, After Effects, Flame and the rest didn’t make for a great trailer, which is fair enough. But I’d be fascinated to know how long all that took.

[tip o’the hat to the aptly-named RPG for the link]

1 thought on “Bloody Omaha”

  1. And it doesn’t show the post production time spent making the sequence of making the sequence….
    Timewatch has gone rather Brainiac these days, hasn’t it? When I were young, it was … duller.

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