Kevin’s in town!

OpenSocial chappie Kevin Marks is in Glasgow – or rather, he’s planning to be, via SFO➙LHR➙GLA. Since he’s flying British Airways there’s some uncertainty about the precise arrangements, particularly concerning his luggage.

We’re meeting in a Glasgow bar Monday night; come and join us, and find out what happened to his smalls. Plus, you know, other stuff. Details on Upcoming

Apologies for the currently-TBC venue: seems like a fine excuse to have a bit of an, er, bar recce, hunting down free WiFi in the Merchant City. I’m heading out just as soon as my tricorder^H^H^H^H^H iPod touch is charged.

[update: Bar 91 was nice enough but not hugely comfy; Red Lizard seems OK but was heaving with folks watching the Liverpool match – so it’s The Butterfly and The Pig. Again. Upcoming page updated.]

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