Twitter envy

It’s 9:30, and I’ve just sat down at my desk with a mug of tea and some toast. Time to check the various connections… OK, email… nope, nothing interesting. Blogs… oh hell, NetNewsWire is showing me 9,000 unread again, I really must prune the list, or maybe Mark All As ‘Don’t Care’ (is that ⌘⌥K? I forget). Humph. Later, maybe.

Ooh! Ooh! I know! This Twitter thing everyone else has been doing for a year or more, but I’ve only just started. Let’s check that!


So, everyone I’m following seems to have been up for hours already, making erudite comments about Lord Goldsmith and the citizenship ceremonies story, discussing the prospects of scrapping homework, offering pithy critiques of a new social networking site, and generally being offensively awake.


I didn’t realise Twitter was going to be a whole new way to feel inadequate.

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