Scottish Ensemble videos

A few weeks ago I shot and edited a couple of short films for the Scottish Ensemble, to give a glimpse behind the scenes and to introduce their 2008-9 programme. It was a lovely job to do from my perspective: a Radio 3 producer produced, so for once I stood entirely on the other side of the great production divide, and simply put pictures together.

The finished films have finally gone up: not embedded, curiously, but there are links to iTunes and direct podcast feeds on this page. Note that the ‘high quality’ version plays just fine on my iPod touch, and should look similarly lovely on a current nano or full-size iPod; the ‘iPod quality’ version is only necessary if you have the first model of iPod video.

Interesting experiment, anyway. We’ll see what the take-up is like. There’s lots of interest in this sort of thing around the arts community, it seems, but perhaps not much clarity on what it’s all for.

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