Haven’t gone away

Oooh, hello. This thing’s still working, then? That’s good.

Busy times. SciCast continues apace. Yes, I know it’s a few days since I uploaded any more films, I’ve been working on the site for our judging panels. It’s a separate/hidden site, so don’t bother going looking for it. Heck, there are passwords, secret handshakes, and quite likely monsters, too.

Last Monday saw the first Scottish Science Communicators’ Conference, organised by Glasgow Science Centre. The penny-dropping moment as people who’ve previously been isolated realise they’re part of a broad community never gets old. I did a workshop in the morning, took photos in the afternoon – coming soon to my Flickr stream – and chatted to a bunch of folks in the evening, including the very entertaining Richard Wiseman.

Wednesday I was at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh running a video skills workshop for their public engagement staff and a couple of interested researchers. It was a somewhat intense day, but a heap of fun – they’re a capable and enthusiastic bunch. We bashed around a few ideas for a new project they’re running, and I think found a workable way of doing it. In fact, I rather got the feeling that I earned my keep for summarising everything into eight words. I like days like that.

Thursday and Friday I spent in part trying to double my media drive space. As of today, I have an external chassis, four terabyte drives, and an eSATA ExpressCard that’s 48 hours late. But that’s another story, for another time.

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