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I should probably retweet this, but until I integrate the Action Streams stuff with the main page, not so many of you will see it. Oh, actually – more people follow me on Twitter than read this blog, come to think. Ah, well, too late to back out now.

Via Matt Locke:

genius (via @danhon)

Brilliant real-time snow report mashup. Gosh. Here’s mine.

Incidentally, they’re saying that South-East England has had the heaviest snow it’s seen in 18 years. Funnily enough, I was working in London, the winter of 1991. We had a couple of inches, and all the transport packed in. So I shoved my walking boots and woolly hat on, and walked in to the lab: Kilburn to Piccadilly. Central London was almost completely shut down. Oxford and Regent Streets were empty, barely anyone bothered.

The lab was shut, so I spent the day hopping between the few shops that were open, looking for a dinner suit in the January sales. I’m still caught out by how badly London copes with a little snow; I’ve never thought of a couple of inches as being anything much. Ah, well.

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