Two worthy causes before breakfast

Congrats to the Newcastle Science Festival team first on their dashing new website, and also for their neat little splash story which has gone a bit bonkers this morning – they’re running a survey to see if Geordies really do go out without their coats more often. A delightful bit of fluff which the Telegraph appear to think is proper, serious science. Scientists don’t have a sense of humour, obviously. The story also made the Sun.

[Update: BBC Look North piece. Yay!]

Secondly, Bletchley Park hosted a twittering geeks meetup yesterday, which I wish I could have joined. @StationX is Our Man Inside Christian Payne/Documentally; Sue Black is also campaigning on Bletchley’s behalf; she has an article in today’s, er, Telegraph. I’m not a fan of that article, as it happens, but don’t let it put you off signing the petition.

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