Panorama testing


A bunch of photos taken while trying to avoid being blown off the hillside, glued back together in Photoshop. Lots of work needed, not least cloning out the huge splobs from the chunk of goop on the sensor that, somehow, managed to sneak between pixels on the camera’s LCD. Gaaah.

Still, I’m liking the wider-than-wide stylee. First time I’ve done this.

2 thoughts on “Panorama testing”

  1. Ooh, nice. Thanks for the pointer, I’ll give it a try.
    It’s worth noting, though, that Photoshop has a ‘Photomerge’ script that does a remarkably good job of finding the overlaps. To make the panorama attached to this post, I simply gave it a folder of images. It’s not quick, but it does work. Heck, in this case it even deduced that two of the pictures I’d given it weren’t part of the same set. I could hear it rolling its little digital eyes at me while it worked away.

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