Cyclist Proficiency Test

This originally contained in a post to uk.comp.sys.mac, but someone suggested I should archive it.

It’s easy to tell the nationality of a touring cyclist from the way they load their bike:

  • Front and rear panniers, neatly packed – British.
  • Saddlebag and tiny front panniers, ancient bike – hard-core British.
  • Huge pile of stuff over back wheel – Dutch.
  • Huge pile of stuff over back wheel, plus rucsack – German.
  • Glamorous bike, no panniers, luggage in accompanying car – French
  • Very glamorous bike, no panniers, luggage in accompanying sports car – Italian.
  • All other combinations – New Zealander.
  • Sheltering in bus-stop – American.

…to which Sak Wathanasin added:

  • Turns up at start in Mercedes with personal mechanic, masseur etc, then goes like the wind – Belgian.

Sak also noted that some Americans really do cycle. Even if it’s raining. Fair point – I don’t claim to be reasonable or accurate. Especially not reasonable.

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