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Mark Pilgrim writes a personal summary on the currently-simmering existential blog debate. Just what are we all doing, spilling our guts out in public like this? Does anyone really care? Much has been written, and Mark’s piece doesn’t try to be an overview, but he does a reasonable job of that on his way to something else.

Meanwhile, I’m fascinated that thus far, I’ve not seen anyone share my own rationale. I blog for the same reason I take photographs; not because anyone else might be interested in the results, but because I’m interested in the process. I carry a stills camera everywhere, and that simple act makes me look for images I might wish to remember. I like looking at the world that way.

I write this blog because I enjoy trying to condense thoughts into a few brief phrases. I watch myself spot suitable stories, then edit and re-edit as I blunder around seeking the optimum combination of brevity, clarity, and style. I have no success criteria; the process is the end in itself.

It matters not if nobody happens across this site; it’s intended to be written, not read. I make no apology for that.

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