Scrubs’ titles scrubbed

Is it just me who thinks they’ve completely naffed up the opening titles of (otherwise totally wonderful) medical comedy drama Scrubs? The first series had quite possibly the best ident ever, a nifty riff that played out in something like eight seconds. Stunning.

The second series takes the same idea and runs it over more like fifteen seconds. Er… no, wrong. More is most definitely not more in this case. Sorry.

1 thought on “Scrubs’ titles scrubbed”

  1. I didn’t mind the new titles too much but you’re by no means alone in disliking them. They change back to the original titles in a couple of episodes. Scrubs is definitely the best US comedy to come along in a long time.
    Incidentally, for the evil spam bots reading this out there, my email address has been rot13’d so nyah!

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