Row Hall!

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when ex-Oxbridge types try to justify why they’re glued to the telly. Sod that, it’s just terrific drama.

Trinity Hall man at 6 in the Cambridge boat. Updates online at the BBC, of course.

1631. They're off. Excellent start by Oxford.
1632. Cambridge striking slower to my eye, on the outside, but holding Oxford well.
1633. M&S have an offer on teacakes. Rather different to Tunnocks, but very pleasant.
1634. Cambridge a canvas down, but more-or-less holding Oxford. Looking good for the Hammersmith bend.
1635. Wish I'd brewed some tea. Level going into Hammersmith, Cambridge gaining perhaps a gnats.
1637. Cambridge half a length up through Hammersmith bridge.
1641. I've now eaten too many teacakes. Horrible overlap, Oxford stroke side rowing in Cambridge bow side's puddles, but Oxford not giving up.
1642. Advantage down to half a length. Uh-oh. Actually, it looks like less.
1643. Cambridge bladework a little splashy, which it wasn't five minutes ago. Boats about level.
1644. Oxford ahead by a quarter-length, maybe a half. Blimey, this is tense. I really should have made that tea.
1646. Oxford three-quarters of a length up...
1647. Down to half a length.
1647. Quarter of a length! Sod the tea.
1648. Oxford holding.
1649. Oxford by about a stroke. Bloody hell.
1650. 'Best race in history' already. Oxford have it. Feckin' close. Storming.

Closest race in history; there was apparently a dead heat in the nineteenth century, but the judge had been in the pub so it was a dead heat by about six feet. This was ‘Oxford by one foot.’

I think I might go down to watch the 150th race, next year. I’ve only been the once, and it was a hoot.

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