I beg your pardon?

‘Ah, Jonathan, how are you?’

‘Oh, hello. Haven’t spoken to you in ages. Yes, I’m fine, thanks.’

‘Good. What animal has a gestation period of thirty-six hours?’

‘What?’ [pause] ‘I’ve no idea.’

‘Rats. I really need to know. ‘Bye!’

This is my life. It genuinely is.

3 thoughts on “I beg your pardon?”

  1. you’re lucky: “John Coombes, hello – ” “Oh” PAUSE “I want my toenails cut, can I make an appointment?” “I’m a portrait painter” “Can you do my toenails?” “Only in oils” “What?” “I think you’ve got the wrong number” SILENCE click

  2. Ah I recognise the sort of random telephone call for bizarre information but in a different context.. it’s the pub quiz mobile phone referral system.. come to think of it it’s a new business opportunity there I think.. premium rate number.. some databases.. weirdos at the other end.. [er I think I’ll sit down and have lunch..]

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