Name and shame

Oh, come on Media Guardian. It’s not as if, when you note:

The advert, part of a £2m campaign, is filmed in the style of a children’s TV programme from the 70s.

…we don’t know to which series you’re referring. And it’s still being made, thanks very much. Though it doesn’t quite play out as cheesily as the Lil-lets pastiche, thankfully.

My take: rather amused by it all.

2 thoughts on “Name and shame”

  1. It’s clearly How, which ran from 1966 to 1980. The set, feel – it’s How. Well, it could just about be Magpie, actually, but the scatter of ornaments on shelves is a bit of a giveaway, I reckon. Oh, and the ‘sitting around a table’ thing, too.
    My apologies. Since I never publicise this site, I tend to assume that everyone reading it knows who I am: amongst other things, I’m the producer of a show called How2, which is both spiritually and literally the successor to How.
    Note to self: must write ‘about’ page.

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