Packing notes

Next week I’m moving home; this week, I’m going to type quick notes of things that strike me as I pack.

  1. I’m now a very rusty and, thus, completely rubbish club juggler.
  2. The largest thing I’ve thrown away so far is an old duvet that’s been in the way for months. The second-largest thing is the Granada Production Health & Safety Policy. It’s a close contest, and technically the jury’s still out.
  3. Come to think of it, my entire back-catalogue of New Scientist was probably larger.
  4. I have a terrific solution to the problem of packing wineglasses: break them first. I’ve only got one left now. Excellent.
  5. Packing a foot-thick futon mattress back in its giant plastic sack is absolutely as difficult as it sounds.
  6. Most obscure thing turned up so far that’s actually worth keeping: a reprint of Determination of the mechanism of activation of the Ni-zeolite-Y catalyst by computational techniques, from Journal of Computer-Aided Materials Design 1 (1993) 169-176. Authors: AR George, JS Sanderson (sic) & CRA Catlow, The Royal Institution, London. Also, some print-out from the old UCL Cray – the one I crashed.
  7. Whatever I used, five years ago, to stick my speakers to their stands: it’s now the most disgusting substance I think I’ve encountered. Ugh.

I’m now very nearly done, except for the kitchen which will have to wait until next weekend. Unfortunately, it’s half past ten and a four hour drive to Glasgow. So… guess it’s an early start tomorrow, then? Bah.

For the record: ratio of bin bags to boxes is very nearly 2:1. I’m so proud. I now know what entire decades of my life amount to: Landfill.

4 thoughts on “Packing notes”

  1. I dred the next move. I prefer the Hermit Crab’s view on accomodation, move the whole lot as near to your next abode as possible, and THEN move out.

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