Self-referential, but bear with me…

A little while ago, I posted a scathing little knee-jerk entry about the ‘transposed letters’ meme that was flying around on the net. If you’ve not followed the discussion that ensued in the comments, it’s worth a look. First, ex-colleague of mine Sophia Collins (great to hear from you, chuck – sorry I haven’t replied – being as crap as usual) did what nobody else online seemed to, and tracked down the original paper. Then somebody else weighed in.

And now the original author himself has showed up. Read on. Oh, and er… I think it’s me that’s had the bouffant hair, though unusually not at present.

2 thoughts on “Self-referential, but bear with me…”

  1. Hah! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t allow HTML in comments. Some idiot thought he could avoid being censored by writing a half-reasonable comment (albeit nothing to do with the entry), then he peppered it with links to some cut-price pharmaceutical sales site. None of which work. Hah bloody hah.

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