Martian hyperbole

Cripes. I’m writing a script about using the X-Plane flight simulator to explore Mars from the comfort of your bedroom. Yes, it has a full terrain map – cool, huh?

Anyway, I wrote a wrap-up line, in standard hyperbole style:

So that’s how you can explore Mars in your bedroom – and if you ever go there in person, you’ll know what to expect.

Only after I’d written it did I realise that some of the viewers of this show actually might go to Mars. You’ve got to consider it at least somewhat possible within the next thirty years, and seven year-olds now – well, they’d be bang in the right demographic.

Now there’s a thought. Sometimes I forget that I grew up watching Johnny Ball and How, and owe a considerable fraction of my enthusiasm for science and engineering to them. Kids today have got… er… the shows I make. Sure, there are lots of hands-on centres and all that – but in terms of reach, well… blimey, that’s sobering.

Perhaps it’s better that I don’t quite grasp this. I kinda wish I hadn’t heard Jamelia on the Radio 1 Chart Show the other week saying how much she liked the show, you know?

4 thoughts on “Martian hyperbole”

  1. I still think it’s a bit of a shame that Jonathan will never appear in front of the cameras. I really can’t imagine a better candidate for the position of latter day Johnny Ball.
    That said, given what he’s been accomplishing behind the scenes I shan’t complaint too much

  2. You know, I think I’d have to second the nomination for the Johnny Ball of the 21st Century.
    I suppose I really don’t know Jonathan that well. It’s true, Vinay spoke of this “Jonathan” person for a long time at the Endz, and he sounded like an interesting guy. But Vinay spoke of many persons and things in his variously induced stupors, so you had to take them with a pinch or three of salt. And yes, we did take the risk of inviting him to the Scottish reception after having met him only, what, once? But he didn’t run screaming from that insanity, which says something about him. Let’s just not dwell on what.
    But frankly, from conversations I’ve been around (often thinking “must… remember… years of stuff… I’ve forgotten…ouch, head hurts, ouch” or more likely “Huh!?”) and emails I’ve seen him post, I think he’d make a rather engaging science-type programme host.
    I mean, it’s either How2 or Tomorrow’s World.

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