I’m with the band.

Kevin and Mija dropped in on How2 studio filming the other day – I’m kinda busy and haven’t had much chance to eat/sleep/buy milk/blog/etc, so I’m a bit behind here. They sat around for a few hours. Maybe it was raining outside or they were bored, or something, I’m not sure. Anyway, they seemed to enjoy themselves, and professed to find the headlong careering plunge that is studio recording ‘fascinating.’

At some point Kevin asked what, exactly, I do. I had to think about that, since it’s rather hard to describe if the questioner doesn’t know how television production works. In the end, as I looked around at the scurrying figures, flurries of activity, and people loafing between being called to do something somewhere else, I realised that an adequate, if conceited, answer was, “These people are all working for me.”

At least one of us – and I couldn’t say who – said quietly ‘Woah!’

Tomorrow, of course, all but about five of them are working for somebody else. But that’s not the point.

3 thoughts on “I’m with the band.”

  1. Actually, it was dry outside that particular day, we’re just gluttons for that kind of thing 🙂 Quite honestly, I did find it fascinating, probably for a couple of reasons.
    First, it’s not my job, therefore it’s more interesting than mine 🙂
    Second, as a TVaholic, I was genuinely curious to see what went on behind the scenes. And the old “duck” addage sprang to mind: smooth and calm on the surface (at broadcast) and paddling like the devil underneath (during recording). So many people, such a small space, so many headsets…
    I was quite impressed when Jonathan walked us to the exit holding a coherent conversation while obviously listening to at least two other conversations through one ear on his headsets. He didn’t even walk into a wall or anything.
    Oh, and I think it was me that said “Woah” but I did notice a definite pause and glint of (recurring?) realisation on your part…

  2. You flatter me. I’m really not very good at holding conversations through different ears at the same time: I’d almost certainly dialled down the talkback. That slightly glazed/panicked look on my face was simply my normal filming countenance.
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves, though. It’s always a bit weird having people see what I do – I somehow feel more like a total sham than when I’m showing just the results.

  3. I can sympathize. I feel the same way about my work. I think that’s one of the reasons I won’t let Kevin (or anyone else I know) take my classes…
    But thanks again for an interesting couple of hours!

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