Political engagement

YourParty.org (should be .org.uk, but there we are) – interesting. I’ve just completed their pre-launch survey, including a stream of vitriol in the ‘comments’ box about how appallingly-written it is. Talk about forcing people down predefined avenues… blimey.

Have a look-see. It’s a probably naïve but still fascinating idea, but if they’re not going to think it through any more than that, I for one will not be involved. Bah! Market research! Bah!

See also this.

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  1. Framing Bias

    Jonathan mentioned YourParty.org, a proto-party that presumably wants to stand on a referenda-on-everything platform, who have a pretty shabby questionaire up on their website, which is presumably intended to judge the level of interest, but is pretty …

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