State of the logs

I remembered to check my site statistics tonight, and as usual they make amusingly incomprehensible reading. served 63,264 pages last year, with a startlingly linear growth; Jan 2004 alone was almost 10,000 page requests. These look like big numbers, but in the grand scheme of things really aren’t.

The referrer and search reports are particularly bizarre. 5% of my readership is the Google crawler robot; another 5-10% is comprised of altavista, inktomi, and others. Lots of people arrive here while looking for bicycle reviews (indeed, so did my chum Derek, which surprised the hell out of both of us). But the most popular inbound search is ‘Eddie Mair.’ So I checked – and sure enough, there I am in positions five and 6 in the Google search. Right above his agent, for heaven’s sake!

There’s a clear conclusion: the way to secure a huge online readership is to start an Eddie Mair fan club. It should exist anyway.

1 thought on “State of the logs”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Came across this post via google. I’m just starting and would love to add your post about Mair interview with the dull financial advisor (and a link to your blog) !
    Roland M-S

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