Yosemite Desktop

JJS_Yosemite_desktopA couple of people at ConConUK asked me for my desktop picture: here it is (click the image on the left to get the moderately huge version; right-click/control-click to save it to disk).

I took it last summer, driving West through the tunnel out of Yosemite Valley. Handheld, just aiming the camera through the windscreen and firing a few shots off. There’s no processing other than compression; the colour is the combination of sodium light and Kodak film, the blur obviously a result of the long exposure.

I like it very much. I hope you enjoy it too. Use as you will, except to make money; leave a comment if you wish. I’ll fiddle with compression and see if I can get some of my other texture/abstract stuff up here as desktops. San Francisco Bay and Death Valley were also pretty good.

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