Time to commit television

Reason for recent quietude: today was the first day of studio filming for The Big Bang, my current project. It went… it went pretty well. I hesitate because it was quite slow, but what we got on tape was very good. New presenter Sam continues to learn at a genuinely intimidating rate, making different mistakes from one take to the next (which is more than one can ask for, really). Kate was excellent as ever. Props mostly worked, and as usual the least prepared researcher was… me.

Top marks for the day must go to madman Jack and his marble rollercoaster, a work of staggering simplicity and not inconsiderable beauty. On camera, it was stunning – the cameramens’ eyes lit up as soon as they saw it through viewfinders.

High marks also to my new executive producer, who in barely two weeks in the job has rendered herself nigh-on indispensable. I’ve usually disagreed with execs enough to distrust them in general: suddenly, I find myself agreeing, arguing productively, and learning from one. Which is exactly how it should be, and the series is improving as a result.

I’m thoroughly enjoying working with the new director, with whom I feel like I’ve been working for years even though we’ve barely even met; the new designer’s tweaks to the set are wholly welcome also.

In short, my basic plan this year of ‘shake the whole thing up without breaking more than we have before’ seems to be working. Which is rather exciting. I only hope I can keep up.

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