Notcon again

Meanwhile, I’ve posted the first batch of videos of Notcon’04 sessions, over on my Notcon page. The plan is to upload them to, so somebody else can worry about bandwidth, but I reckon few enough people read this blog that I needn’t worry. And hey, if I’m wrong, I guess that’s a problem I’d like to have.

LiveType, by the way, absolutely rocks. The standard behaviours are bound to become despicable clichés, but until then it’s absolutely magical.

3 thoughts on “Notcon again”

  1. I might well give Freecache a try: today’s the first time in the last week I’ve actually been able to view the page (and their status info is offline, as I write). I think it’s very beta, to be honest, but thanks for the reminder!
    We’re planning to move all video/audio material into anyway, but we need to formally sort copyright issues before we do.

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