An old friend quoted me this recently, in email:

(2) Where a notice under paragraph (1) specifies emission limit values, the emission limit values required by paragraph (2) of regulation 12 in relation to emissions into water from the installation or mobile plant concerned shall be those specified in that notice or such stricter emission limit values as may be determined by the local authority regulator in accordance with paragraph (6) of that regulation or required by paragraph (7) of that regulation.

Who, exactly, thinks this sort of dreck is a positive contribution to the advancement of mankind?

Sigh. D’you think it’s possible to refactor a legal system?

3 thoughts on “Blah”

  1. Yup, when I write a document at work, before I’ve ACTUALLY written anything it’s 6 pages long with all that sort of crud.
    And I’m sure no-one has actually sat down and read it.

  2. Interesting analogy refactoring rules/laws.. perhaps software engineers should take over from lawyers as the predominant profession going into politics? Slightly scary thought, but actually I’d take a good geek over a bad lawyer any day..

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