It’s been positively days since I posted anything seriously geeklike here: a situation which clearly cannot be allowed to continue.

Thanks to El Reg for making me laugh:

Alienware still regards high-end gaming PCs as being a core market but it also became apparent that other types of users are willing to pay for good looking high-performance computer systems,” Alienware said.

Indeed. They’re called ‘Mac users’.

On the other hand – and much as I respect Alienware kit, from what little I know of it it’s really rather good – one has to be concerned when they’re promoting PCI-Express as being exactly what high-def video editors need. Er… really? We’re talking a top-end of a hundred Mb/sec or so; there’s ample capacity in even bog-standard AGP to push several such streams through for video card compositing, if such a thing is possible.

Sure, bandwidth is a Good Thing; 10Gigabit Ethernet is just around the corner, FiberChannel SAN systems are the very dog’s kahones, and all that jazz. And yes, I’ll likely hold off replacing my glorious tank of a desktop until PCI-Express is standard on multiprocessor G5s. But purr-lease, let’s be reasonable here.

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