The future as it wasn’t

Vinay pointed me to a glorious examination of the future as depicted in the early nineties. Somewhere down the line the black and silver PVC and wearable cameras and personal nanotech vision evaporated, just as the swooping chrome fins of the fifties’ future had. Where did it go?

I wasn’t The Guy I Almost Was; how narrowly I wasn’t is a matter for others to judge. To have a clue what the story’s about you probably have to be of the narrow generation who remember Gopher and Mondo 2000, in which case you likely don’t need the story to tell you what happened, but you’ll chuckle in horrified remembrance.

Did I mention that, a decade ago, I spent a day at the ICA under a pseudonym, slagging off pretentious ‘cyberart’ nonsense? Final word, however, goes to Danny O’Brien, who said in a different context but still deeply mired in the whole Wired thing, I think this is all our fault.”

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