Well Hung

Americana_bwHo ho ho, what a witty post subject line. Ahem. However, there is cause for some excitement, in that a photograph of mine is, apparently, displayed in the house of some friends. Which is rather exciting, really. The picture in question is of one of those glorious chrome binocular telescopes, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The original is in my gallery here, but the version hanging at the friends’ house is in black and white, and hence looks more like the one alongside this post. I was tempted to add a little grain, actually – silky smooth greyscale isn’t always to my taste. When I’ve shot in black and white, I’ve usually gone for insanely fast film, liking the surprise of seeing the contrast the camera saw, rather than what was coming down the lens.

I’m a hung artist. Gosh, I feel so grown-up.

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