Radio 4 Long-wave

Thank whichever deity you prefer, for streaming Radio 4 Long-Wave and Test Match Special.

As I type, they’re talking about the caterers doing the washing up and, evidently, smashing crockery. No mention yet of chocolate cakes, and if they don’t get one in fast they’ll run out of overs.

The match is a tad tense too.

[update 17:55: Oh crap! They’ve dropped off R4LW for – get this – The Shipping Forecast. Exactly how many people need the shipping forecast over a RealPlayer stream?

Now, where’s the dial for me to twiddle this thing to Radio 5 Live?]

[update 18:00: Warne’s gone!]

[update 18:47: Merde.]

2 thoughts on “Radio 4 Long-wave”

  1. Not half. At a summer school (I’m staff) in Sweden, but with laptop (and graduate students) keeping one eye on the score thanks to copious wireless. Bad for work, it has to be said. Merde is the werde…

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