Status Envy

Damn. Over the weekend I asked Mark to knock me up a stylish badge reading ‘(just outside the) TOP 100 (thousand) BLOGS’. But this morning I’ve picked up another link from somewhere, and Technorati now lists me as rank 98,443.


6 thoughts on “Status Envy”

  1. Oops – apologies for not getting around to that in time. Something tells that being inside the top 100,000 doesn’t have quite the same cachet for you…

  2. It’s not a question of cachet, it’s just not funny. ‘TOP 100 (thousand) BLOGS’ is OK, but quite witty enough to bother with, I think.
    Glum, me.
    Technorati claims to track 16.3 million blogs. That puts The Daily Grind just outside the top 0.6%. Which is also an unfunny statistic. There’s no hope, frankly.

  3. If it’s any consolation my blog is currently lurking at position 326,829. Personally I think 98,443 is a vastly more humourous figure, but then primes always are.

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