The working week


Since I’m getting into this whole ‘camera phone’ thing tonight: here’s a snap of the studio last Monday. On the right of frame you can see the first flattage for the set, that went in even before John had finished drawing up the rest of the floorplan. The tables are strewn with props, stock and prototypes, and at the back you can see some of the students from Glasgow Met who are helping us out as part of a hastily-arranged industrial placement module for their second-year HND course (the idea went from first phone call to them sitting cutting card for us in something like a week – credit to the course tutor for leaping at the idea rather than not bothering). On the left, in the orange jumper, is crack props-wrangler Joni, who’s been doing her best schoolteacher impression and badgering the students all week.

So, there you go – the Scrap It! studio. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the glamorous world of television.

Apologies, by the way, for the unexpectedly monster size of the images. Ecto assures me they’ll be 144Kb, but then uploads a pointlessly 750Kb version anyway. Curious.

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