Mechannibals transmission

Mechannibals, incidentally, isn’t on tomorrow. Again. So far we’ve seen three shows, then its slot got usurped by the snooker. The following week it got gazumped by some nautical geezer who’s been dead for two centuries. This week… it’s just not on.

Apparently it’s not returning to the Sunday slot at all – rather, it’s going to pick up with programme 4 on 16th or 17th November. Then it runs for another four weeks, after which the snooker kicks it out again, then the last show should be on the week before Christmas.

I could speculate on likely causes and plausible implications, but I think I’ll refrain. Draw your own conclusions.

2 thoughts on “Mechannibals transmission”

  1. One likely reason…
    Mechannibals is the worst programme to soil the BBC’s schedules for some time. It’s unbelievably wasteful and destructive.
    I bet the production team de-rigs and gets the hell out of there as fast as it can after finishing recording each sorry episode.
    How many complaints about the show has the BBC received so far?

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