In other news…

An odd combination of events this week, besides the whole ‘giddy about London’ thing. On Monday I was in Glasgow; Tuesday I was on a plane before the sun arrived, then in the evening met up with chum Lex. This is, I should point out, something of an honour, since he works ridiculous hours for one of the big merchant banks and thus dinner with him tends to require a license from the Chancellor lest the time out should cause a collapse in GDP. Or something. He’s on top form, anyway, clearly enjoying his terrifying lifestyle and paying careful attention to my detailed lessons in eccentricity. The difference between us, we worked out, is that he’s a fountain pen aficionado while I’m a pencil geek. Which is pretty much a difference of three zeros on the price tag. An excellent meal and better company, anyway.

Wednesday evening involved meeting a guy who is on the verge of setting up a web-based TV channel. It’s not quite clear – probably in a good way – if he’s a genius or plain naïve. ‘In a good way’ because it’s not obvious which would be the most beneficial for what he has planned. Interesting chap, anyway, and I’d be excited to be involved if the project comes to life, though I’m a bit worried that the timing may not work out.

Then tomorrow evening I’m hoping to meet somebody else entirely; tonight, sadly, was a late one in the office while I tried to get my head around lecture four. Ah yes, work – ach, it’s a blast, in both the enjoyment and scary senses. Which is all good fun.

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