One of my roads is missing


I nip down to the shops, and what happens? By the time I return, the council have nicked my road. Planed it clean off. Pfah!

The notice of work was helpfully posted on our doors seven hours after work had commenced, but luckily I’d parked around the corner and therefore my car wasn’t one of those towed away. Meanwhile, I’m even more baffled about the roadwork done late last week; two chaps turned up and dug a small patch out of every junction down the main drag, went away for two days, then came back and filled them in again. There were no cables involved – I looked. They don’t take core samples of roadbeds they’re thinking of replacing, do they?

Still, I’m looking forward to having a nice shiny new road surface. Middle of next week, they reckon, though presumably that’s only touch-dry and we’ll have to leave it for a good few days to set properly. With heavy frost forecast for the weekend, too. Hmm.

1 thought on “One of my roads is missing”

  1. Reminds me of the time that one of the lifting bridges over the River Hull was raised and the road fell off!
    It took several months to replace.
    I hope your road has not been mislaid in any way.

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