rhubarbRhubarb. Marvelous stuff, rhubarb. My family refers to the ‘ancestral rhubarb,’ which has been passed down through several generations, and when I’m in Leeds I often enjoy a visit to the National Rhubarb Collection at the Royal (coughNortherncough) Horticultural Society’s base at Harlow Carr, near Harrogate. The finest rhubarb in the country, of course, hailing from the famed ‘Rhubarb Triangle,’ between Pontefract, Wakefield and Leeds (or is it Wakefield-Leeds-Morley?). At one time, ninety per cent of the world’s rhurbarb production came from this area, and it was whisked to Covent Garden via the daily Rhubarb Express.

It was with delight and, indeed, pride, therefore, that I espied the attached advertisement in Monday’s Guardian. A special reader offer for this finest of vegetables! Oh, happy day!

Be sure to check out the magnificent Rhubarb Compendium – online since 1994, no less – for a detailed history, recipe suggestions, and a guide to using rhubarb as a hair dye. Also be sure to explore the Wakefield Council Rhubarb pages, and consider attending the 2006 Rhubarb Festival, or ordering the DVD.

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