Crunch time

Today, I have to decide what I’m doing for the next few months. On the table are a TV series in Birmingham, and a more-or-less accidental video podcasting project that has significant interest – but confirmed funding only for a pilot stage – from NESTA.

Financially, it should be a no-brainer. But, somehow, I’ve been agonising over this for days, swinging back and forth. The Birmingham gig is going to be hard work, and after last year I’m not quite sure I’m ready for another TV job where I have to be the hero who sorts it all out. The podcast project, on the other hand, would do my TV CV no favours whatsoever, but is at least unexplored territory for me, and I’d be my own boss. The biggest practical concern is whether I can secure enough funding for it to pay for enough of my time that I can actually live off it. I get the feeling one is supposed to do these education/inspiration/engagement projects as adjuncts to ‘normal’ work, but TV is so all-consuming that for me, it’s all-or-nothing. The NESTA thing would be part-time (which has its own appeal), but I still have to live off it.

Over the weekend, at Colin and Sophia’s wedding – of which more anon – I’ve swung this way and that.

Oh hum. Perhaps I should toss a coin?

3 thoughts on “Crunch time”

  1. Yup, I suggest you toss a coin. In fact, toss it all the way across the room. As you walk over to discover how it landed, listen for that little voice that tells you which way up you are hoping for.

  2. what about the webcasting (is that a word?) of my New York vaudeville show at the end of April? you always forget about the vaudeville show.
    It’s called Sharkless don’t you know.
    And you think I’m joking but I’m not.

  3. “Sharkless!”? Are you nicking my gags, now? Tsk!
    But seriously, I can do webcasting. All your media are belong to us. Rrrrr! And I will set you up with a blog soon. Honest. No, really, I will.

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