Ask a Ninja!

Waaaay back in the day (1998, apparently), an amusing little website popped up called ‘Eric Emotes.’ In which: a chap called Eric would attempt to convey an emotion of his readers’ choice, via captured video stills. It was silly. It was – usually – pretty bad. It made everyone laugh, rather a lot. It’s also still going, in the form of ‘Eric Conveys an Emotion.’

Best of all, it’s still making me laugh. Scroll down the list on the left, and tell me that ‘Magic trick gone horribly wrong,’ ‘Unemployed,’ ‘Computer just ate my 20 page research project,’ ‘Lucy pulls the football away’ and ‘Eric as a chick magnet’ aren’t comic genius.

But now, there’s a new game in town. It is: Ask a Ninja. It has as way to go yet before it covers the sheer scope of Eric’s oeuvre, but these early stages are promising. I’m particularly fond of the explanation of ‘podcasting’ that concludes ‘we are a factory for feeding apple pies to whales.’

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