Three-ball air guitar

Mark linked to this a few days ago, but somehow I missed it: tremendously skillful three-ball juggling with a bit of a twist. Most jugglers pride themselves on smooth performance, on it being a technical form – this is quite the opposite, and all the better for it. Gob-smacking to watch, and you don’t need to be a juggler to realise just how clever it is.

As for the juggling snobs who think anything less than five balls is trivial: get over yourselves.

3 thoughts on “Three-ball air guitar”

  1. John – you missed off the ‘Discuss (20 marks).’
    Allan – I was wondering the same thing. My guess is the predictably bland ‘a bit of both.’ Juggling to music is damned hard, and I can’t see that the routine would be exactly reproducible. On the other hand, he must have an idea of where he’s going. It’s mightily impressive, anyway.

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