How not to do online video

Which of these things annoys me more?

  1. Channel 4’s Lost Series 2 catch-up doesn’t work for me in Safari (Mac), Firefox (Mac), or Firefox (Win)… and, in fact, it’s not working for me in Internet Explorer (Win) either, on account of borked cookie stuff at their end and some lame stupid nasty advert trailer thing that fails to chain-load the (Flash) video of the clip I actually want to see, and itself plays only at 3 frames/second. Ugh ugh ugh, broken broken broken. — or —
  2. The whole concept that there could be a ten-minute catch-up to a 24-part series. — or —
  3. That, when you do finally manage to play the catch-up video, it’s only 7:30 long anyway. And, for that matter:
  4. You know, I’m now better-informed about what happened in the whole first series than I was by watching the show in the first place.

Lost? I give up.

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