All-out Indian experience

Follow me through this: back from India 06:05 local Monday. Back to Glasgow 15:15 Monday. First signs of trouble 05:30 Tuesday. And by ‘trouble,’ I mean the full, all-out, double-ender, repeating every hour precisely until early afternoon. Ugh.

But from the timings… that’s more likely to be something I picked up here, isn’t it? Which would be deeply ironic. Mind you, I did feel a bit jippy on the plane back, so maybe I was just-about-coping, then pushed myself over the edge with, I don’t know, a Starbucks muffin or something.

Anyway, an odd week. Monday: knackered. Tuesday: ill. Wednesday: exhausted, frantically writing up report. Thursday: back on a plane to London (got bounced from my morning flight, grrrr) for meetings at the Ri, ironically not about India at all.

Now back in Glasgow, frantically trying to get a website out of the door by a 4pm deadline. Eek.

My other news deserves a post of its own.

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