Guaranteed Cory-free

Giles Turnbull may not, in fact, be suggesting what I’m about to attribute to him, but I’m wearing a Helm of Immense Lummoxness +3 so I’m going to pretend he is.

Go and read this post, then Giles’ comments about a ‘British Boing Boing,’ then come back here.

Now, I know that ‘British Boing Boing’ is a rubbish phrase. But, tell me, honestly – aren’t you a little sick of Boing Boing? Yeah, me too. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why, but I’ve noticed it’s dropping down my feeds list in NetNewsWire.

But anyway, forget all that. I’m going to pretend that Giles is suggesting we start this. Yes, really.

So… him, me: who else? Gia? Dave, are you still ranting about blogs being pointless, or have you come to accept that they’re only as pointless as everything else in life, and therefore worth doing anyway? Gia, would you like to invite Tom R? Damien, want to resurrect the spirit (and possibly domain name) of ItLikesYou?

No, I haven’t thought this through. Sometimes that’s the best way.

(oh, and… post 1000, baby. Technically it’s serialed a little higher, but the excess must have been unpublished drafts. Woohoo! One thousand posts! Where’s the cake?)

4 thoughts on “Guaranteed Cory-free”

  1. Hmm, it’s funny, I’ve also noticed the sheen wearing off boing boing. Interesting that it’s not just me. I just had a peek at the archives from a year ago to see if anything significant had changed in that time, but the content seems largely interchangable with what’s on the site today. I wonder if it’s the idea that’s wearing thin rather than the execution. Let’s assume not for the time being though.
    As for a “British Boing Boing”, (and I’m sure the argument for it will become more persuasive once you stop referring to it as the “British Boing Boing” – shame is taken), you’re right – sod thinking it through and just do it. If you build it they will come (and quite possibly leave again soon afterwards, but that’s the risk I’m afraid).

  2. Notwithstanding the slightly-less-than-resounding chorus of support: I’ll stick something up soonish. I have a couple of thoughts about some not-quite-traditional blog stuff that might be interesting to try out.

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