Print-on-demand newspapers are (almost) here

Coming this summer from the Guardian, apparently – 15-minute refresh, 8-12 pages as PDF. Print it out, read it on the bus on your way to/from work. Genius (via. John Gruber).

(I’m assuming that Ben Hammersley isn’t heavily involved in this particular part of the Guardian’s online work, given that he seems to be spending all his time hanging out in the comments here. [cough])

3 thoughts on “Print-on-demand newspapers are (almost) here”

  1. Let’s hope we can get it as an rss attachment. A decent zoomable mobile pdf reader might be handy. I wonder how it’ll translate to A4? Does this presage the ongoing shrinking of newsprint?
    On a similar not I came across this on-demand satellite newspaper printer in Hong Kong earlier this year.

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