See, I know Rocketboom has an audience of something absurd like 300,000/day. I know they’re held up as the pinnacle pioneers of video blogging. I know all the bad press is basically about whether they’re too corporate or not.

But me? I don’t watch simply because I find Amanda Congdon almost precisely unwatchable. Sorry, lass, but… oh, tone it down a little from the art school ‘I’m a pwesenter!’ schtick, please!

Perhaps it’s a British/American thing? I know Rocketboom’s supposed to be irreverent and witty, but from Glasgow it’s just annoying. I’m going to grit my teeth for a week and see if I can bear it.

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  1. I find it difficult to believe that Rocketboom has that audience but find it much easier to believe that there are enough dtv systems configured to download it automatically that they have that many downloads.. I know that mine is.. but more as a collegiate I-do-IP-TV-video-blog-downloading-aren’t-I-at-the-cutting-edge statement of geekery than an endorsement of the product.. have’t watched it in ages.. I agree the US/UK taste thing may also explain it..

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