Note to self: stop lending kit out

List of things I’ve loaned to somebody and have now, apparently, lost forever:

  • Netgear 8-port 100-Base switch. This is particularly annoying to have lost, since I’m trying to hang three new computers off my LAN, and I pigging well can’t without this. Plus, I can’t help thinking that I used to have three of them. I think Martin bought one off me, one was mine and I loaned out… but what happened to the other one?
  • Netgear 4-port 10-Base hub. Less useful, but: the most amazingly dinky pocket-size piece of network hardware ever. Plus it was from that period when Netgear’s kit came in natty little metal boxes, all painted dashing dark blue, with enough flashing lights to be considered gauche these days.
  • The TV I mentioned here a few days ago.
  • DVD of Takeshi Kitano’s Zatôichi. Twice. Apparently I don’t learn.
  • DVD of Drop Dead Gorgeous, which I consider a comedy classic.

I have managed to reclaim all my scattered wireless network gear, but tragically it’s all 802.11b – too old for g.


I can hardly complain, given that I met a chum in the pub last night and he gave me £400-worth of tripods, but nevertheless:

All your kit are belong to us.

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