Three weeks ago, my email Inbox contained 4,568 messages. Of which 250 were ‘unread.’ This was not, I’m willing to admit, an ideal situation.

As of today – and following an inordinate amount of time I seem to have been spending on the train of late – it contains merely 216 messages. Number of those unread: zero. And most, were I prepared to spend a few dull minutes, could be moved into my new ‘Dealt With’ folder.

But I’m not going to do that right now, because I’ve just spent a jolly couple of hours hitting squiggly-K in NetNewsWire, with the result that (at least until its next scheduled refresh at ten to five) I have zero unread posts showing there, too.

Do not worry, dear reader: I am unlikely to suddenly start subscribing to some over-fangled ‘Getting Things Done’-type hoo-hah. For that matter, I’m unlikely to become noticeably better at replying to emails. But I am, for the moment, basking in a curiously open, spacious environment.

Next up: clearing the desktops of my Macs. Ugh, how does so much crap accumulate there?

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