So give us yer money, then

Reports today that the Confederation of British Industry is worried about the numbers of students taking science and engineering degrees: BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, nothing at The Times or Independent, Financial Times, Scotsman; the CBI’s press release on which all these are based.

Let me remind you, dear reader: SciCast is a project intended to make science fun, to engage students in practical science and engineering, and to provide resources for teachers to enliven lessons through practical demonstrations and experiments. We need match funding to get the thing properly underway.

At the moment, one of the project partners is running the funding hunt. Which makes me nervous. If it turns out to be hard to raise the cash, I’m going to be ruddy furious – with the CBI, amongst others.

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    You may have seen the report that schools in the UK are ‘producing too few scientists’,a conclusion reached by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). It is worth remembering that the CBI has an agenda, and that is to make…

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