Surreality TV

Somewhere in the process of reading the Wikipedia article on the RIM Blackberry, I managed to spawn a browser tab for Who Wants to be a Superhero?, a current (US) SciFi Channel show hosted by Marvel’s Stan Lee. It is, quite possibly, the silliest TV format of which I’ve ever heard. It starts silly… then gets progressively funnier.

What really cracks me up, though, is the section about ‘controversy and criticism.’ There are, it seems, dark mutterings that the show may not be a bone fide ‘reality’ format after all. Oooooh! Noooo! Really? D’ya think?

Shocking, I’d say. Damned funny concept, though.

Trouble is, now I really wish I’d managed to make somebody listen to my punters-as-crew-in-Star-Trek idea…

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